The Creole Mass was recorded over a period of six years using the most sophisticated choral and orchestral recording techniques. The 200+ choral voices were initially recorded on 2" analog tape using a SoundField directional microphone, in addition to stereo mikes on each of the five choral parts. American Sector Studio in New Orleans, previously a church with a 30-foot ceiling and a very large main recording room, was used to record the choral parts. Music tracks were recorded on 4 tracks of DA88 digital tape. These 4 tracks were transferred by David Farrell, engineer for A Creole Mass, to a digital ProTools System at Ultrasonic Studios in New Orleans. All additional vocal and music tracks were recorded at Ultrasonic Studios. The final mix included 80+ tracks.


David Farrell Thanks for your limitless patience, music finesse, so-so coffee and ProTools expertise

David Torkanowsky Whose sage advise, good humored criticism and brilliant musicianship raised the bar for everybody

Steven Edwards A true choir master who recognized the spirit of A Creole Mass and put the awesome power of the Symphony Chorus of New Orleans on A Creole Mass

Nilo Z. Lansas Your exuberant, Joyful and Reverent artistic expression of A Creole Mass is for all the Faithful

Mina Lansas Thank you for your leap-of-faith. Your tasteful artistic direction was instrumental in the completion of the entire art package

Hezekiah Brinson My musical compass. Your contribution to the New Orleans musical legend is "perceived but not yet realized."

Pastor Dwight Webster For your Wisdom and belief that A Creole Mass could unite us

Christian Unity Baptist Church When you sing you pray twice. Thank you to all parishioners and friends who shared their Pastor, Minister of Music, Choir and Church with A Creole Mass.

Cheryl Valentino My beautiful wife. A woman of rare understanding who spent many nights alone while I "finished" this project. I’ve loved you since you were a little girl

Mary Ann Valentino My moral compass and best audience. Your delicate good taste, refinement and devotion to the Catholic Church told me when A Creole Mass was a worthy Prayer

Prof. Tony Valentino I know that you would love A Creole Mass and that you would be proud that I had a part in it. We all miss your strength, common sense and direction

Charlie Brent Thanks for the music and production lessons. Harahan produced a great musical talent. We have work yet to do

Brod Bagert The first believer

Jay Gallagher Owner, Ultrasonic Studios, For your staff, technological vision & liberal payment terms

To those amazingly talented musicians and singers who participated but who do not appear on A Creole Mass